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undercover (slightly hipster) fury


    undercover (slightly hipster) fury

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  2. olicity | + touch

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Azeem, drawn in PS.


    Azeem, drawn in PS.

  4. I’m working!

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    Felicity Smoak meets Team Arrow

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    Adopted sisters tho.
    I intentionally didn’t include Nebulas eye piece thing because she doesn’t have it in the movie prelude comic as a kid, she gets it along with her metal arm and some other things as she grows up and whatnot. Also Gamora is based on the 616 comics instead of the mcu this is a mess lmao

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    This drink I like it. Another!

    I love how quickly he readjusts to the culture so foreign to him. Like, he does not even protest or try to explain this is how it’s done in Asgard so it’s how it SHOULD be done because he’s a mighty god and stuff. He’s just like “but I… oh I see smashing mugs is not a custom here. I’m sorry I won’t do it again :( “

    A lot of people could learn from this.

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    Cause every time I’m slipping away from myself, you’re the one that moves me like nobody else.

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